Fantech is more than just a company of gaming gears, we are also your partner of gaming innovation. The owner of Fantech , Mr. Fandy Pinardy said:” we are not designing, manufacturing and marketing our products only by ourselves. We are build a long-term relationships with our gamers as well, we think on affordability while maintaining high-qualities and we also marked breakthroughs in the science of gaming products.”


To provide the best of the best gaming gears all over the world. In Fantech  we believe that every gamers are deserved the best gears, with precision and comforted on their needs. No matter what playing skills they have or any level they are in now. They deserved the combination of their talents and the hard training they have done with the best gears we provided because we want everyone to have their best winning , Gear up and Win!

Focused on pushing the boundaries of performing and exploring the possibilities to play. The gaming world is forever evolving and we are dedicated to meet up the challenges. Through the best gears and gaming integration, we facilitate in every grater gaming experiences.


Practice the patience and sacrifice to win. They are proofing that their discipline on non-stop training and developing their strategies and skills to bend the opponents. With the right combination of talents, tenacities and the -RIGHT GEARS- the greatness is within our gasp.

Partnership between Fantech Philippines and Game club

Fantech is the official partner of Game club Philippines, where we are the official sponsor of any events of Game club Philippines.